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MediaWiki:Blockedtext is shown to directly blocked users when they try to edit a page. Users prevented from editing due to autoblocks (automatic blocks of IP addresses used by blocked users, or users editing from blocked IP addresses) will be shown MediaWiki:Autoblockedtext instead.

<table  class="plainlinks fmbox
fmbox-warning " style="" role="presentation" dir="ltr">
<td class="mbox-image">
  [[File:OOjs UI icon clock-destructive.svg|40px|link=|alt=Blocked|Blocked]]</td>
<td class="mbox-text" style=""> '''Your account or IP address has been [[Help:Blocking users|blocked]] by $1.'''<br>
The reason given is ''$2''.

* Start of block: $8
* Expiry of block: $6
* Intended blockee: $7

You can contact $1 or another [[Project:Administrators|administrator]] to discuss the block.
You cannot use the 'e-mail this user' feature ([[Special:EmailUser]]) unless a valid e-mail address is specified in your [[Special:Preferences|account preferences]] and you have not been blocked from using it.
Your current IP address is $3, and the block ID is #$5.
Please include all above details in any queries you make. </td>



  • $1: a link to the blocking administrator's user page
  • $2: the block reason
  • $3: the IP address of the blocked user
  • $4: the administrator's unlinked user name
  • $5: the block ID (the number shown for autoblocks)
  • $6: the date the block expires
  • $7: the username, IP address, or CIDR range that was originally blocked
  • $8: the date the block began