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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Huggle/System menu and the translation is 42% complete.
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  このマニュアルは執筆中です。 どれについてでも構いませんので、テスト済みの完全な指示書を追加してください。  


以下がシステム メニューです:

ハグルのシステム メニュー

  • Options ハグルのオプションを表示します。
  • My talk page (M) will display a last revision of your talk page, useful for checking of new messages.
  • Abort (ESC) kills the last query on a stack, this option may not work if you didn't enable delayed reverts.
  • Change Provider let you change the provider of edits to a different one (wiki / IRC / JSON).
  • Stop provider stops the current provider so that huggle will stop retrieving new edits. This is useful if you want to keep huggle running but you want to "pause" it.
  • Mass action reverts or deletes all edits made by a user, but it will not send any message to them.
  • Exit ハグルを閉じます。

オプション / パラメーター

This window allows you to modify most of program settings.

Queue filter

This is where you can add or remove queue filters that can be used to define what types of edits should be added to queue. To create a new filter click the insert button and a new filter will appear in list, then select the list, pick a new name and click save.

You can also define a default filter for a site, this filter will be always switched to when you start Huggle.

Huggle queue with IP only filter