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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Huggle/Page menu and the translation is 22% complete.
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  このマニュアルは執筆中です。 どれについてでも構いませんので、テスト済みの完全な指示書を追加してください。  


ページ メニューでは、現在のページの閲覧や操作ができます。

A recent version of Huggle's page menu
  • Switch to talk page allows you to switch to the talk page of the current article.
  • View latest revision (Ctrl+V) switches to the most current revision of the page, so you can view it in its entirety.
  • Retrieve History loads more of the history of the page.
  • Show History displays the history of the selected page.
  • Edit (E) allows you to edit a page using a built-in editor.
  • Tag (G) allows you to tag a page with any number of templates.
  • Request protection brings the page to requests for page protection, where the page can be protected from editing.
  • Watch (L) adds the page to your watchlist, where you can view all changes made to the page.
  • Purge updates the copy of the article on Wikipedia's servers, forcing them to display the most recent version.
  • Mark patrolled (Ctrl+P) marks a new page as patrolled, that is; an experienced editor has looked at it and give the OK.
  • Move allows you to give the article a new title.
  • Restore this revision of the article rolls back all revisions of the page after the current revision, and sets the current revision as the live one.