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Disponível a partir da version 1.16.0
Modificar preferências de usuário.
Função de definição:
public static function onGetPreferences( User $user, array &$preferences ) { ... }
Anexar hook: Na extension.json:
	"Hooks": {
		"GetPreferences": "MyExtensionHooks::onGetPreferences"
Chamado a partir de: Arquivo(s): preferences/DefaultPreferencesFactory.php
Interface: GetPreferencesHook.php

Para mais informações sobre anexar hooks, consulte Manual:Ganchos .
Para exemplos de extensões que usam este hook, consulte Category:GetPreferences extensions/pt-br.



Parâmetro/Opção Descrição
$user Usuário cujas preferências estão sendo modificadas
&$preferences Array de descrição de preferências, a serem alimentadas a um objeto HTMLForm


In extension.json:

"Hooks": {
  "GetPreferences": [ "MediaWiki\\Extension\\ExampleExtension\\Hooks::onGetPreferences" ]

In includes/Hooks.php:

namespace MediaWiki\Extension\ExampleExtension;

class Hooks {
	 * @param User $user
	 * @param array $preferences
	public static function onGetPreferences( $user, &$preferences ) {
		// A checkbox
		$preferences['mypref'] = [
			'type' => 'toggle',
			'label-message' => 'tog-mypref', // a system message
			'section' => 'personal/info',

		// A set of radio buttons. Notice that in the 'options' array,
		// the keys are the text (not system messages), and the values are the HTML values.
		// They keys/values might be the opposite of what you expect. PHP's array_flip()
		// can be helpful here.
		$preferences['mypref2'] = [
			'type' => 'radio',
			'label-message' => 'tog-mypref2', // a system message
			'section' => 'personal/info',
			// Array of options. Key = text to display. Value = HTML <option> value.
			'options' => [
				'Pick me please' => 'choice1',
				'No, pick me!' => 'choice2',
				'Seriously, pick me right now' => 'choice3',
			'default' => 'choice1',  // A 'default' key is required!
			'help-message' => 'tog-help-mypref2', // a system message (optional)

Abas e seções

The section array key specifies which tab and section of Preferences contains your preferences. If your section value is foo/bar, this means your preference will appear on the foo tab (named by system message prefs-foo) within the bar section (named by system message prefs-bar). If no such tab or section exists, it is created automatically.

Lista de abas padrão

Identificador Exibido como
personal Dados pessoais
rendering Aparência
editing Opções de edição
rc Mudanças recentes
watchlist Lista de páginas vigiadas
misc Diversos

Tipos suportados

Tipos visíveis

The type can take on various values found in the HTMLForm::$typeMappings array in the file includes/htmlform/HTMLForm.php, including info, multiselect, radio, etc.

Most preferences are stored in the same format as is used by the HTMLFormField, but in the case of 'type' => 'usersmultiselect' a transformation should be carried out from a newline-separated list of usernames (which is what the form widget works with) and a newline-separated list of user IDs (which is what gets stored in the database). See the treatment of email-blacklist (in core) or echo-notifications-blacklist (in Echo ) for examples of this.

Preferências de API

API preferences use type 'api'. They are not displayed in Special:Preferences.

Preferências padrão

To set the default value for a preference (i.e. the value that is set for a new user that hasn't customized their preferences yet), add the setting to the $wgDefaultUserOptions global variable. Use the same key name as you use for $preferences in the hook.

Alternatively, if you're writing an extension, you can add to the DefaultUserOptions section of the file extensions.json.