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generateSitemap.php file is a maintenance script to generate a sitemap for a MediaWiki installation. Sitemaps are files that make it more efficient for search engine robots (like googlebot) to crawl a website (so long as the bot supports the sitemap protocol.)

By default, the script generates a sitemap index file and one gzip-compressed sitemap for each namespace that has content. See #Options for a list of options that can be passed to the script.

You may need to set up a cron job to update the sitemap automatically.

For generic instructions on using MediaWiki's maintenance scripts, see Manual:Maintenance scripts .



displays the available options for generateSitemap.php


The file system path to save to, e.g sitemap/. Note, this directory must be viewable online!


What site identifier to use for the wiki, defaults to $wgDBname


The domain-relative URL that points to --fspath, e.g.
If specified, gets prefixed to the filenames in the sitemap index. This is needed because some search engines like Google require absolute URLs in sitemaps. You should specify --server also; the values will often be similar, but having them separate allows the script to accommodate even unusual setups.
Before MediaWiki 1.32.0 this parameter should contain the protocol and host name. However, since MediaWiki 1.32.0 the contents of this parameter will be appended to the --server parameter, thus it must neither contain protocol nor hostname. This is a breaking change not announced via the RELEASE-NOTES.


The protocol and host name to use in URLs, e.g.
This is sometimes necessary because server name detection may fail in command line scripts and will show up only as "localhost" or "my.servername" in the xml files.
If set the value of $wgCanonicalServer will override the value of this option in all sitemap files except for the sitemap index file.


Whether or not to compress the sitemap files. The default setting is yes.


If this option is added redirects are skipped and thus not listed within the sitemap. This is recommended since Google can complain about redirects. However the default setting is not to skip redirects.


Creating a sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools:

First (in $IP, i.e. document root which is where your "LocalSettings.php" file is located):

mkdir sitemap


MediaWiki version:
php maintenance/generateSitemap.php --memory-limit=50M --fspath=/path/to/examplecom/sitemap/ --identifier=examplecom --urlpath=/sitemap/ --server= --compress=yes --skip-redirects
For older versions (MediaWiki <1.32)
php maintenance/generateSitemap.php --memory-limit=50M --fspath=/path/to/examplecom/sitemap/ --identifier=examplecom --urlpath= --server= --compress=yes

Non-latin domains need to use Punycode.

Related configuration parameters[edit]

MediaWiki version:
  • $wgSitemapNamespaces : Array of namespaces to generate a Google sitemap for, or false if one is to be generated for all namespaces. The default setting is false.
MediaWiki version:
  • $wgSitemapNamespacesPriorities : Custom namespace priorities for sitemaps. This should be a map of namespace IDs to priority. The default setting is false.