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eraseArchivedFile.php 파일은 --filekey에 의해 제공되는 아카이브 파일을 파일시스템에서 삭제하는 유지보수 스크립트입니다.

When the script is run with --filekey or with --filename, it will purge the thumbnails of the according image - even, if --delete has not been specified. That way you can use the script to force a re-rendering of the thumbnails without having to re-upload the image. Information about deleted files is stored in the filearchive table.


옵션/매개 변수 설명
--filekey Required. File storage key (with extension) for a specific version to be deleted or "*" for all versions (in that case, --filename is required). The file storage key is an entry from the fa_storage_key column of the filearchive table.
--filename File name (corresponds to the value of fa_name in the filearchive table).
--delete Perform the deletion. Will delete the archived file and possible thumbnails, but will not delete its entry in the filearchive table (nor will it delete log messages of the upload/deletion of the now-deleted file).

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