Manual:Database fields containing sensitive data

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This data should be redacted from database backups released to the public.

Extension/core Table Field Comments
Core archive It's full of deleted edits
recentchanges rc_ip Stores the IP address of the user specified on rc_user if $wgPutIPinRC is enabled (as it is in the default configuration)
user user_real_name Stores the user's real name
user email Stores the user's email address as plaintext
user_password Stores a hash of the user's password
user_newpassword Generated for the mail-a-new-password feature
watchlist wl_title Could be used to see what pages are watched by whom, and what pages are unwatched
AJAXPoll ajaxpoll_vote poll_ip IP addresses of voters
CheckUser cu_changes cuc_ip IP addresses of editors
cu_changes cuc_ip_hex Hex of IP addresses of editors
Comments Comments Comment_IP IP addresses of commenters
Comments_Vote Comment_Vote_IP IP addresses of people who voted for a comment
SocialProfile user_board   All messages which have ub_type = 1 are private.
user_relationship_request   The whole table contains nothing but private data (user-to-user friend/foeship requests).
VoteNY Vote vote_ip IP addresses of voters
WikiForum wikiforum_category wfc_added_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_category wfc_edited_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_category wfc_deleted_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_forums wff_last_post_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_forums wff_added_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_forums wff_edited_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_forums wff_deleted_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_threads wft_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_threads wft_deleted_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_threads wft_edit_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_threads wft_closed_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_threads wft_last_post_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_replies wfr_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_replies wfr_deleted_user_ip IP address data.
wikiforum_replies wfr_edit_user_ip IP address data.

See also[edit]

  • bugzilla:55953 — Create maintenance script that backs up everything but the tables and fields containing sensitive data