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createBotPassword.php ファイルは、利用者のボットのパスワードを作成するメンテナンス スクリプトです。 詳細情報は Manual:ボットのパスワード を参照してください。


オプション/引数 説明 必須かどうか
<user> The username to create a bot password for 必須
<password> A password will be generated if this is omitted. If supplied, it must be exactly 32 characters 省略可能
--showgrants Prints a description of available grants 省略可能
--appid App id for the new bot password 省略可能
--grants CSV list of permissions to grant 省略可能


php maintenance/createBotPassword.php [ <user>| <password>| --showgrants| --appid| --grants ]

See the grants available

$ php maintenance/createBotPassword.php --showgrants

GRANT                DESCRIPTION
basic                basic
blockusers           blockusers
createaccount        Create new user accounts
createeditmovepage   createeditmovepage
delete               Delete pages
editinterface        Edit the user interface
editmycssjs          editmycssjs
editmyoptions        Edit your own preferences
editmywatchlist      Edit your own watchlist (note that some actions will still add pages even without this right)
editpage             editpage
editprotected        Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
editsiteconfig       editsiteconfig
highvolume           highvolume
import               Import pages from other wikis
mergehistory         Merge the history of pages
oversight            oversight
patrol               Mark others' edits as patrolled
privateinfo          privateinfo
protect              Change protection settings and edit cascade-protected pages
rollback             Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
sendemail            Send email to other users
uploadeditmovefile   uploadeditmovefile
uploadfile           uploadfile
viewdeleted          viewdeleted
viewmywatchlist      View your own watchlist
viewrestrictedlogs   viewrestrictedlogs

Create a new bot account

$ php maintenance/createBotPassword.php Foo ff38s9u4feh07vjs2s6t88dh2pv5cfgv --appid FooBot --grants basic,createeditmovepage,highvolume

Log in using username:’Foo@FooBot' and password:'ff38s9u4feh07vjs2s6t88dh2pv5cfgv'.
警告 警告: The grant "basic" is not optional! If you forget the grant "basic", you can see the cryptic error "readapidenied" when you use the Mediawiki api.