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copyJobQueue.php file is a maintenance script to copy all jobs from one job queue system to another.

This script requires setting $wgJobQueueMigrationConfig before running. This script processes 500 items in a batch.

The $wgJobQueueMigrationConfig configuration variable consists of keys with array values. These array values are passed to JobQueue::factory(). The parameters in the array should not have wiki or type settings as it will be injected by script itself.

$wgJobQueueMigrationConfig = [
    'db' => [
        'class' => 'JobQueueDB',
        'idGenerator' => 'uniqueId1'
    'redis' => [
        'class' => 'JobQueueRedis',
        'redisServer' => 'localhost',
        'redisConfig' => [ 'connectTimeout' => 1 ],
        'idGenerator' => 'uniqueId2'


Option Description Required?
--src Key to $wgJobQueueMigrationConfig for source Wymagane
--dst Key to $wgJobQueueMigrationConfig for destination Wymagane
--type Types of jobs to copy (use "all" for all) Wymagane


php maintenance/copyJobQueue.php --src scrKey --dst dstKey --type jobType


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