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Halaman ini menjelaskan beberapa berkas dan direktori utama dalam kode sumber MediaWiki. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, lihat dokumentasi otomatis doxygen untuk kelas dan berkas MediaWiki.

Titik akses[edit]

File Description
index.php Main access point for the MediaWiki software. It handles most requests made to MediaWiki. Manual:index.php/id /en
api.php External access point for MediaWiki's API. Manual:api.php/id /en
img_auth.php Script that only serves images to logged in users. To configure the wiki to use that script, see Manual:Image Authorisation. Manual:img_auth.php/id /en
opensearch_desc.php Returns an OpenSearch description document that describes the web interface of MediaWiki's search engine. Manual:opensearch_desc.php/id /en
profileinfo.php Allow users to see the profiling information that are stored in the database. See How to debug#Profiling. Manual:profileinfo.php/id /en
redirect.php Script that redirects to the article passed in the wpDropdown parameter of the request. Needed for Nostalgia skin. Manual:redirect.php/id /en
thumb.php Script used to resize images. Manual:thumb.php/id /en
trackback.php Adds trackbacks to the database. Manual:trackback.php/id /en

Direktori /includes/[edit]

This directory stores common include files needed by MediaWiki.

File Description
includes/Article.php Contains the Article class, which represents an article in the wiki and provides methods to view, modify and manage articles. Manual:Article.php/id /en
includes/Edit.php Provides much of the code related to the editing user interface Manual:Edit.php/id /en
includes/LinkCache.php Description Manual:LinkCache.php/id /en
includes/Linker.php Contains methods to create internal, external or image links and implements page existence detection. Manual:Linker.php/id /en
includes/OutputPage.php Hold HTML and wikitext parsing. Will also generate the <head> element or part of it. Manual:OutputPage.php/id /en
includes/Pager.php Contains the IndexPager class used for paging results of MySQL queries. Manual:Pager.php/id /en
includes/Parser.php Contains most of the code that converts wikitext to HTML (though few bits and pieces are in Manual:Skin.php.) Manual:Parser.php/id /en
includes/Setup.php Include commonly used files and initializes the global object variables so that MediaWiki can work. Manual:Setup.php/id /en
includes/Skin.php Encapsulates a "look and feel" for the wiki. Manual:Skin.php/id /en
includes/Title.php Represents the title of an article, and does all the work of translating among various forms such as plain text, URL, database key, etc. For convenience, and for historical reasons, it also represents a few features of articles that don't involve their text, such as access rights. Manual:Title.php/id /en
includes/User.php Encapsulates the state of the user viewing/using the site. Can be queried for things like the user's settings, name, etc. Handles the details of getting and saving to the user table of the database, and dealing with sessions and cookies. Manual:User.php/id /en
includes/UserMailer.php Collection of static functions for sending mail. Manual:UserMailer.php/id /en
includes/WebRequest.php This file contains the definition of the WebRequest class. Manual:WebRequest.php/id /en
includes/WebStart.php It does the initial setup for a web request: security checks, loads LocalSettings.php and Setup.php. Manual:WebStart.php/id /en
includes/MediaWiki.php This file consists of the definition of the class MediaWiki. Manual:MediaWiki.php/id /en

Direktori /includes/db/[edit]

This directory contains the code for database support. Database.php provides MediaWiki's database abstraction layer.

Direktori /languages/[edit]

This directory contains files used for localization and internationalization.

File Description
includes/Language.php Contains the Language class, it represents the language used for incidental text, and also has some character encoding functions and other locale stuff. Two globals contain an instance of this class: $wgContLang for the site language and $wgLang for the user language. Manual:Language.php/id /en

Direktori /maintenance/[edit]

This directory contains maintenance scripts that must be run from a command line interface.

See Manual:Maintenance scripts for an overview of those scripts.

Direktori /skins/[edit]

This directory contain all skins classes, JavaScripts, CSS and some images used by that skins.

Code for most special pages is in files named Special*.php in the /includes/specials/ directory.

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