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Catwatch is a MediaWiki feature that tracks category membership changes. It is possible to view these changes in the recent changes and watchlists.

Enabling the feature on a wiki

The feature is currently controlled using the $wgRCWatchCategoryMembership global which is by default set to false.

To enable the feature set this to true.

Even when enabled on a wiki the default user preferences hide the category membership changes from users.


Enhanced Recent changes
Enhanced Watchlist example

Showing the changes

To show the changes on recent changes click "Show page categorization". To see them on a watchlist disable the checkbox for hiding "page categorization".


If you have the new edit filters enabled, you can show or hide category changes, by toggling the checkbox on and off for "Category changes" respectively.

shows possible filters based on the type of change, from the edit filter UI

Showing the feature by default (per user)

There are 2 user preferences that currently hide the feature by default.

To show the changes by default go to your user preferences and change the setting "Hide categorization of pages" for recent changes and for your watchlist.