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Memcached settings: $wgUseMemCached
Use memcache, using the servers set in $wgMemCachedServersManual:$wgMemCachedServers.
Introduced in version: pre 1.1.0
Removed in version: 1.17.0
Allowed values: boolean
Default value: false
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Use MemcachedMemcached memory-based object store.

With $wgUseMemCached = true;, old versions of MediaWiki will use the servers specified in the $wgMemCachedServersManual:$wgMemCachedServers array.

Replaced by $wgMainCacheTypeManual:$wgMainCacheType


More information in docs/memcached.txt (and MemcachedMemcached)

(1.3, 1.4) Plenty of code rely on this setting to indicate whether they should use the BagOStuff class (from $wgMemc) for caching, meaning they can not use Turck MMCache or eAccelerator, because this setting is only set if memcache is used, not if $wgMemc is valid. 1.5 may fix this.
(1.5) In all 1.5.x versions, this setting was not declared in DefaultSettings.php, but was still being used internally. This was rectified in 1.6.0.