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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:$wgUseETag and the translation is 38% complete.

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Cache: $wgUseETag
Whether MediaWiki should send an ETag header.
Introduzida na versão:1.8.0 (r16205)
Removida na versão:1.28.0 (git #46df493a)
Valores permitidos:(booliano)
Valor por omissão:false
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Whether MediaWiki should send an ETag header. Seems to cause broken behavior with Squid 2.6, see task T9098. Note that nginx (before 1.7.3) removes the ETag header when it does itself the HTTP gzip compression (see for example this thread) but doesn’t remove it when MediaWiki send itself a gzip version (see Manual:$wgUseGzip ). This issue is solved from nginx 1.7.3 (bug #377: etag не отдается с gzip).