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外装: $wgSkipSkins



This configuration option was needed to fix a design flaw: Skin autodiscovery made it so that MediaWiki automatically detected all skins from inside the skins/ folder and made them available. That way it was impossible to activate those skins as they were activated automatically. You could only later hide them again - that is what this option was there for. With MediaWiki 1.23, skin autodiscovery got deprecated. Since MediaWiki 1.24, not only custom skins, but also core skins can be installed properly, finally making $wgSkipSkins superfluous.

skins ディレクトリから除去したくない外装 (1 つまたは複数) を利用者が選択するのを防止するために使用します。

例えば、LocalSettings.php に以下を記述します:

# <span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">個人設定での外装の選択肢から古い外装を除去</span>
$wgSkipSkins = [

上記は、ベクター以外のすべての外装を除去します。 外装を残す場合は、その外装を上記の配列から除去してください。

Changing user preferences when removing a skin

In versions up to 1.16 (at most), upon registration the name of the default skin as provided by $wgDefaultSkin is copied to the user preferences of the user. When you later make this skin inaccessible, use the maintenance script Manual:UserOptions.php to make sure that this skin is also no longer chosen by any user:

php userOptions.php skin --old "monobook" --new "vector"

This will change the skin for all registered users, who have selected Monobook, to Vector.