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Server URLs and file paths: $wgScriptPath
The base URL path.
Zavedeno od verze:pre 1.1.0
Odstraněno od verze:stále se používá
Obsah:(relativní cesta)
Výchozí hodnota:'/wiki', but automatically overridden by installer to be '/w'


The base path in a URL, used to build URLs to refer to other parts of this wiki. This might be a virtual path, which might be processed using Apache's mod_rewrite (for example), to determine the directory in which MediaWiki assets are found.

Note: A lot of other variables are defined relative to this one. If you redefine this in your LocalSettings.php then all dependent variables will need checking and might need redefining too!

This will be set to your base directory in LocalSettings.php at installation time. See Manual:Short URL for details.


$wgScriptPath = '/w';

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