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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:$wgSMTP and the translation is 30% complete.
メールの設定: $wgSMTP
For using a direct (authenticated) SMTP server connection.


To send emails (email confirmations, notifications, Special:Emailuser ), you should use a third party email provider and allow MediaWiki to send email with it through SMTP. The settings are stored as an array in $wgSMTP. PHP 組み込みの mail() 関数を使用する場合は false (既定値) を設定します。ただし、その場合、メールは利用者のスパム フォルダーに保存される可能性が高いことに注意してください。

Also configure $wgEmergencyContact and make sure $wgPasswordSender matches the sending email address.

$wgSMTP is configured like so:

$wgSMTP = [
    'host'      => 'mail.example.com', // IP アドレスも指定できます。SMTP サーバーのアドレスを指定します。 If using SSL or TLS, add the prefix "ssl://" or "tls://".
    'IDHost'    => 'example.com',      // Generally this will be the domain name of your website (aka mywiki.org)
    'localhost' => 'example.com',      // Same as IDHost above; required by some mail servers
    'port'      => 587,                // SMTP サーバーに接続する際に使用するポート
    'auth'      => true,               // SMTP 認証を使用するかどうか (true または false)
    'username'  => 'my_user_name',     // SMTP 認証に使用するユーザー名 (使用する場合)
    'password'  => 'my_password'       // SMTP 認証に使用するパスワード (使用する場合)

IDHost is a MediaWiki-specific setting used to build the Message-ID email header (see RFC 2822, sec 3.6.4 for more information on a properly formatted Message-ID). 指定しなかった場合は、既定値の $wgServer になります。 残りの設定については、より完全な説明がある Mail::factory() を参照してください。 (smtp パラメーターまでスクロールしてください。)


Error sending mail: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function MediaWiki

Be sure that $wgEmergencyContact and $wgPasswordSender are set correctly, and match your email address. Some hosts will reject to send an email with a sender that doesn't match the account that sends the email.

If your server has SELinux enabled, be sure to configure it correctly to enable sending mails from the webserver.

Error sending mail: authentication failure SMTP: STARTTLS

PEAR's mail will try to use TLS when connecting to the mail server if the server supports it, even if you don't specify ssl:// in the host. But if the server certificate is not valid (CA not trusted, certificate has expired, CN does not match server name/IP address, etc.) it will refuse to work, and instead you'll get the following error:

authentication failure [SMTP: STARTTLS failed (code: 220, response: begin TLS negotiation)]

You must fix the certificate issues for mail to work.

Timeout issues

If the incorrect port is used, email will timeout without returning an error, and the website will appear unresponsive to the user. Consult your email provider's manual or try the other common SMTP ports: 25, 465, and 587.

Timeout issues with AWS SES

By default, Amazon EC2 throttles traffic on SMTP port 25 for all instances. If you continue to receive timeout errors using SMTP port 25, you can request that the throttle be removed or you can change the port that is used for sending (for example, 587). For more information, see How do I troubleshoot SMTP connectivity or timeout issues with Amazon SES?

require_once(): Failed opening required Net/Socket.php

Check your LocalSettings.php for any lines that call set_include_path. These should not be needed but can mess up SMTP support. Remove them from LocalSettings.php if present.

Mailserver does not accept sender (From)

If you are not able to send any email because your mailserver says something like "you are not authorized to use this sender" (or something like that), first check if your "SMTP username" is consistent with your email sender (see $wgPasswordSender ) then, if you have an old wiki, see $wgUserEmailUseReplyTo .

If you don't solve it, contact your mailserver.