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キャッシュ: $wgMainStash
Replicated object cache setting
導入されたバージョン:1.26.0 (Gerrit change 207718; git #793d0140)
許容される値:CACHE 定数のいずれか ($wgMainCacheType を参照)


This setting controls the cache used by methods that store temporary values that need to be seen in all datacenters. This is not true of $wgMainCacheType , which should be a fast and local-only cache. Ideally, a better effort should be made to reduce evictions are data loss during power outages that main cache stores (e.g. redis with disk-persistence enabled and allkeys-lru). Nevertheless, the store does not need to be a robust ACID compliant database, it should merely be a fast, memory-based, store that replicates data to all sites. A modest amount of eviction or lost data (such as on fail-over) can be tolerated.