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Message Cache: $wgLocalisationCacheConf
Localisation cache configuration.
Introduzida na versão: 1.16.0 (r52503)
Removida na versão: still in use
Valores permitidos: array
Valor por omissão: ver abaixo

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Localisation cache configuration. Associative array with keys:

  • class: The class to use. May be overridden by extensions.
  • store: The location to store cache data. May be 'files', 'db' or 'detect'.
    • If set to "files", data will be in CDB files in the directory specified by $wgCacheDirectoryManual:$wgCacheDirectory. This is significantly faster than storing data into the database (see discussion)
    • If set to "db", data will be stored to the database.
    • If set to "detect", files will be used if $wgCacheDirectory is set, otherwise the database will be used.
      • Since MediaWiki 1.27, if $wgCacheDirectory is unset, but a sytem-wide temporary directory is detected, files will be used with that directory.
  • storeClass: The class name for the underlying storage. If set to a class name, it overrides the "store" setting.
  • manualRecache: Set this to true to disable cache updates on web requests. Use maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.phpManual:rebuildLocalisationCache.php instead.

Valor por omissão

$wgLocalisationCacheConf = array(
	'class' => 'LocalisationCache',
	'store' => 'detect',
	'storeClass' => false,
	'manualRecache' => false,

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