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Interwiki: $wgInterwikiCache
Set to a file path to enable the CDB interwiki cacheinterwiki cache.
導入されたバージョン: 1.6.0 (r12805)
除去されたバージョン: 使用中
可能な値: 文字列または false
既定値: false
他の設定: アルファベット順 | 機能順


CDB interwiki caching consists of the following four settings:

This setting specifies path to constant database file. This CDBCDB database is generated by dumpInterwiki.phpManual:dumpInterwiki.php from maintenance and has such key formats:
  • dbname:key - a simple key (e.g. enwiki:meta)
  • _sitename:key - site-scope key (e.g. wiktionary:meta)
  • __global:key - global-scope key (e.g. __global:meta)
  • __sites:dbname - site mapping (e.g. __sites:enwiki)
Sites mapping just specifies site name, other keys provide "local url" data layout.
This setting specifies the number of domains to check for messages:
  1. - Just wiki(db)-level
  2. - wiki and global levels
  3. - site levels
This setting is used if unable to resolve from the cache.

This appears to use a constant database file (created by one of the maintenance scripts) to provide a list of valid interwiki prefixes and corresponding URLs.

Since 1.19MediaWiki 1.19 it is possible to get the list of cached interwiki prefixes, used in the API and Extension:InterwikiExtension:Interwiki extension.