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Namespaces: $wgExtraNamespaces
Additional namespaces.
Ingeleid in versie:1.3.3
Verwijderd in versie:nog steeds in gebruik
Toegelaten waardes:(array)
Standaard waarde:[]
Andere instellingen: Alfabetisch | Per functie


$wgExtraNamespaces configures additional, custom namespaces for a wiki. It can also be used to rename the default namespaces.

This is covered in detail in Manual:Using custom namespaces .

In case an extension should work with the newly created custom namespace, make sure that you define and name them prior to invoking the respective extension.

Extensions should not use this setting, instead they should use the CanonicalNamespaces hook or load the namespace through extension.json (MW 1.26+, gerrit:234146).

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