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Database settings: $wgDBprefix
Table name prefix.
Introduced in version:1.4.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(string)
Default value:empty string
Other settings: Alphabetical | By function


Table name prefix. If you only have access to a single database and wish to install more than one version of MediaWiki, or have other applications that also use the database, you can give the table names a unique prefix to stop any naming conflicts or confusion.

For example, if you use the prefix 'wiki_' then the table 'page' will be named 'wiki_page' instead.

You need to set this at the time of initial configuration, or manually change the table names at a later date. Changing this setting does not automatically update the names of the tables in your database.

This setting is not used if your database is Postgres: instead, schemas are used (see $wgDBmwschema ).

Common value

Many installers set the database table prefix "$wgDBprefix" to "mw_" by default. [1][2][3]


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