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Configurações da base de dados: $wgDBname
Name of the database.
Introduzida na versão:pre 1.1.0
Removida na versão:ainda em uso
Valores permitidos:(cadeia)
Valor por omissão:'wikidb'
Outras configurações: Lista Alfabética | Lista por Função


Name of the database used by current installation of MediaWiki.

Caution! Caution:
  • Do not change $wgDBname after Setup.php has been included. Note: Setup.php initializes various paths, includes some common files, starts sessions, and performs various other setup tasks for a request. It is not related to the installation or setup of MediaWiki.
  • Only files in includes/db/ should use $wgDBname, everything else should use the getDBname() method provided by the Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase interface.

Ver também

  • Manual:Database access – contains an overview of working with databases and database engines in MediaWiki.
  • all.dblist - full list of database names used in Wikimedia servers