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Database settings: $wgDBmwschema
Schema that stores the MediaWiki tables in.
Introduced in version:1.8.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(string)
Default value:null (1.23+)
'mediawiki' (prior to 1.23)
Other settings: Alphabetical | By function


Schema for mediawiki tables. It was originally only used if your backend database was Postgres/MSSQL. Since MediaWiki 1.31 it affects other database types too. This indicates what schema the main mediawiki tables live in, and is roughly equivalent to the way that $wgDBprefix is used by MySQL.

The installer of old MediaWiki versions were setting this to 'mediawiki' in LocalSettings.php directly, even for MySQL databases, which may cause errors when upgrading. If you get errors when upgrading to MediaWiki 1.31 or later and you're not using Postgres/MSSQL as database backend, remove this setting from LocalSettings.php.

Atenció Atenció: If you change this setting, you should probably create a new user (and change $wgDBuser as well), because the configuration script sets the user's default path to include the schema.