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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:$wgCommentTempTableSchemaMigrationStage and the translation is 100% complete.
Nastavení databáze: $wgCommentTempTableSchemaMigrationStage
Fáze migrace schématu dočasných tabulek komentářů.
Zavedeno od verze:1.40.0 (Gerrit change 872985; git #cf127211)
Odstraněno od verze:1.41.0 (Gerrit change 924123; git #27beeac2)
Povolené hodnoty:(pole)
Výchozí hodnota:[]


Fáze migrace schématu dočasných tabulek komentářů. Použijte příznaky SCHEMA_COMPAT_XXX.

The default value is an empty array, which is equivalent to:

    'rev_comment' => MIGRATION_OLD,

To perform the migration, set this configuration variable to write to both tables but read from old temp table:


Then, run Manual:migrateRevisionCommentTemp.php to backfill the new table.

Once the script has completed, for testing, this configuration can be changed to still write to both tables but read only from new table (done in Gerrit change 923749). This allows easy rollback to read from the old table in case bugs or incompatibilities are found: