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Special pages: $wgCheckUserLog
Sets file where queries through the CheckUser extension will be logged.
Introduced in version:1.5.0
Removed in version:1.12.0
Allowed values:filename
Default value:'/home/wikipedia/logs/checkuser.log'

CheckUserLog is a variable that "points to" a file which will be used as a log for queries launched under the CheckUser extension. To set up a log:

  1. Install the checkuser extension, using the instructions at Extension:CheckUser .
  2. Create a .txt file in the folder where the CheckUser extension files are: for example, in /extensions/CheckUser, create /extensions/CheckUser/CheckUser-log.txt
  3. In LocalSettings.php , put $wgCheckUserLog = "$IP/extensions/CheckUser/CheckUser-log.txt";.

Your log should now be enabled.