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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:$wgCanonicalServer and the translation is 50% complete.
Server URLs and file paths: $wgCanonicalServer
Canonical URL of the server, to use in IRC feeds, notification emails, etc.
Introducido en la versión:1.18.0 (r94995)
Eliminado en la versión:aún se usa
Valores permitidos:(URL string)
Valor predeterminado:$wgServer ; if $wgServer is protocol-relative, the HTTP equivalent will be used


Server name with protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) to use for links to the wiki from external locations, such as IRC feeds and email notifications. Must be fully qualified, even if $wgServer is protocol-relative.

A menudo puedes ignorar esta variable. Sin embargo, si has configurado $wgServer con una URL relacionada a un protocolo (por ejemplo, // y quieres que los enlaces a to wiki usen HTTPS, configura esta variable con la URL equivalente en HTTPS (por ejemplo,


$wgServer = '//';
$wgCanonicalServer = ''; // use HTTPS for links. Default would be ''

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