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Cache: $wgCachePrefix
Custom value for the cache key prefix.
Introduzida na versão:1.19.0
Removida na versão:ainda em uso
Valores permitidos:(string) or false
Valor por omissão:false
Outras configurações: Lista Alfabética | Lista por Função


Overwrite the caching key prefix with custom value. This value is prefixed to the beginning of caching keys to differentiate between caching entries for different wikis stored in the same cache.

If this variable is set to false (default), the cache key defaults to being DBName-DBPrefix (Also known as the Wiki id). This is almost always sufficient, and it is unlikely one would want to set this value.

e.g. "cache key: DBNAME:resourceloader:[...]" to "cache key: $wgCachePrefix:resourceloader:[...]"