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Template:Tool The Pywikibot, short PWB (former names Python Wikipediabot Framework, Pywikipediabot or Pywikipedia) is a collection of tools that automate work on MediaWiki sites. Originally designed for Wikipedia, it is now used throughout the Wikimedia Foundation's projects and on many other MediaWiki wikis. It is written in Python, which is a free, cross-platform programming language. This page provides links to general information for people who want to use the bot software.

This project in Gerrit, Gitblit, GitHub, Phabricator (Core), Phabricator (Compat), and Bugzilla.

Sign up to the main mailing list for asking questions and sharing information, or view the archives. Mailing lists for Bugtracker monitoring and Git Commits are also available.

Use the #pywikibot IRC channelconnect for quick questions.

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Using Pywikibot
Participating in pywikibot development

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