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deleteBatch.php is a maintenance script located in the maintenance directory that can be used to delete a batch of pages.

Usage[edit | edit source]

php deleteBatch.php somepages.txt

(This will delete the pages contained in the text file "somepages.txt")

On a wiki farm with linked folders, change to folder containing LocalSettings.php and use:

php ./maintenance/deleteBatch.php  --conf ./LocalSettings.php -r "reason for deletion" ./deleteBatch.txt
Option/Parameter Description
-u <user> Username that will be shown in the log entries. If left empty, deletions will be attributed to the user called Delete page script.
-r <reason> Reason for deletions. If empty, no reason will be shown in the logs.
-i <interval> Number of seconds to sleep after each deletion.
<listfile> A file (located in the maintenance directory) where each line contains the title of a page to be deleted.

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