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MediaWiki contributors may request a mailing list for coordination at a country/regional level. The main purpose of these regional lists is to welcome individual contributors from areas without a local MediaWiki group and to help them organize new activities and groups.


  • One or more local groups exist in that area.
  • There are other active contributors but far from any local group.
  • All the better if there have been MediaWiki or Wikimedia technical activities organized before.
  • The name of the list must have this format: (all lowercase).
  • The topics should cover what lists like wikitech-l, mediawiki-l and other MediaWiki lists are missing e.g. regional coordination or support in languages other than English without an own mailing list.

Requesting a mailing list[edit]

File a request for a new mailing list via Phabricator. Please explain the reasoning supporting the request and include required information. All the better if you have a related page in with all the details.

The proposal must be advertised at the mediawiki-l and wikitech-l lists, as well as the related Wikimedia regional list (if any). The creation of the list will wait at least one week after this announcement, to make sure that there is community acceptance.