Language support team

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The Wikimedia Localisation Team has been created to provide language support to all languages. As it is impossible for us to know enough about all languages that are supported, language support teams are needed. These teams will consist of people who will help us by providing information about their language either here or in places that will be indicated. They will also help us by testing functionality and inform us when there are issues for the proper use of their language.

At we have an existing community of people who are very much involved in the internationalisation and localisation of software. They do this not only for MediaWiki and, the work of the language support teams will be much wider then MediaWiki alone. Activities will include ensuring that standards like the CLDR will be complete, ensuring that acceptable freely licensed fonts are available for a language and, that there are input methods that are or can be standardised.

Members of a language support team are expected to indicate what level of expertise they have.