Language screenshots


The purpose of the project is:

At the moment it is used only in Help:VisualEditor/User guide, but the same concept can be applied to other tools as well.


For existing projects[edit]

How to see the existing screenshots?[edit]

How to run the screenshot creating job?[edit]

  • Click Build Now button.

How to add a language to the current job?[edit]

New projects[edit]

How to write a test that creates screenshots?[edit]

  • Add another test to screenshots.js
  • Uploading is done using the commons_upload Ruby gem.
  • Environment variables that the gem needs:
    • MEDIAWIKI_API_UPLOAD_URL, API URL of the site where the images are to be uploaded
      • Testing:
      • Production:
    • MEDIAWIKI_USER: usually LanguageScreenshotBot (exists on testing and production)
    • MEDIAWIKI_PASSWORD testing or production

How to create a whole new job for another extension?[edit]

  • Add another project to jjb/language-screenshots.yaml (example: gerrit:300035)

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