Language Testing Plan/Triage20130312


Language Engineering bug triage - summary[edit]

Attended only by the team

  • Attendees: Amir, Andre, Niklas, Santhosh, Runa
  • Where: Google Hangout
  • Time: 1 hour


  1. Triage all open bugs for Narayam, Web-fonts & UniversalLanguageSelector
  2. Move Narayam and Web-fonts bugs to ULS
  3. Mark the 'easy' bugs
  4. 'high' priority and severity bugs
  5. Enhancement bugs

Notes and Observations[edit]

  • Closed many feature requests in Narayam referring to bugs in jquery.ime
  • deploy Narayam after confirmation
  • Closed an issue which was likely wontfix in upstream as well
  • Use see also (or url if that does not work) field for upsrteam bugs
  • jquery.webfonts is not actually on github

Moved to github as issues[edit]