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The Wikimedia Foundation hosts a number of MediaWiki sites including all the Wikipedia websites. The other wikis include WikiSource, Wiktionary, WikiQuotes etc. For all these Wikis, the Wikimedia Language Engineering team actively engages in building support for all the languages of the world. At present these Wikis are available in nearly 300 languages, of which the most visited of them all the Wikipedias are in 287 languages. Still more are in the process of maturity and are currently held in as incubator projects which will take the total number of languages supported to more than 400.

Inherent to support languages is the technology to recognise these languages and the tools that provide the facility to read, and write in them in any script and on any device. Notable among these are fonts, input tools, and editing and translation aids (like spellcheckers, dictionaries etc).

The Language Coverage Dashboard aims to provide a overview of these resources for all the languages currently supported in the Wikimedia world, i.e.

  • languages with currently active projects, and
  • languages with projects in the incubator

Setup and Architecture[edit]

Development Update[edit]