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This page describes the intended affordances of the JADE system and schemas that are meant to address these affordances. Edits are welcome. Bold-Revert-Discuss rules apply. See Phab:T153152 and https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/meta_ores_schema for past notes.


User judgments (endorsements)
  • Wiki users may attach human judgement to any wiki artifact with a numerical ID (page, user, revision, etc.)
  • A user may only supply one judgement per artifact, but they can update their judgement.
  • Users may include a short free-text comment with their judgements (hash tags? #anon #addscategory)
  • Multiple users can record judgements for any given artifact
Judgment schemas
  • Judgements are structured data that corresponds to a machine-readable schema
  • New schemas can be safely added
  • Schemas are named and versioned
Consensus decisions
  • A flow topic can be associated with every artifact/schema (e.g. revision:12345/editquality --> Topic:32SAhbhas6)
  • A judgement can be promoted to "preferred" status (presumably through consensus discussion)
  • Judgements that disagree with "preferred" status remain present
  • User information, comments, and entire endorsements can be suppressed by changing visibility
  • All actions are captured as events that can be queried historically.