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This page is a proof of concept how we would go about notifying users about new (i18n) changes and of the new deploy schedule.

When changes come in /1.20wmfNN subpages are updated. When a new branch is created, we can take that list and send it to mediawiki-i18n (and other places) and tell them to have a look at this page for deployment schedules. The changes deployed in the first and second week of each are usually the same. If something changes, a note is added about the differences in following deployments of the same cycle.

All regular deployments happen between XX-ZZ UTC.

Cycle Software changes of the cycle Configuration changes
Day of deployment →
to the wiki(s) →
Week 1, Monday
Week 1, Wednesday
All remaining non-Wikipedias
Week 2, Monday
Week 2, Wednesday
All other Wikipedias
Cycle of April 23, 2012 (week 2: April 30) I18n deployments/1.20wmf03 Narayam for xx.wikipedia (bug 12345), Monday 23
Everything above this may change until a new branch has been created. Everything below this is probably in the past (completed deploy cycles).
Cycle of April 9, 2012 (week 2: April 16)
  • 3681 [WikiEditor] Fixes for Arabic: Added ZWNJ and ZWJ according to request at bug 30611. Split special characters from digits.
  • 3684 [WikiEditor] Grouped Hebrew characters and added comments. Added required punctuation characters.
  • 3901 [WikiEditor] RTL fix for special characters insertion links.
  • 3902 [WikiEditor] Moved character 25cc (dotted circle) before the diacritic.
  • 3907 [WikiEditor] Adding pretty quotation marks for Hebrew.