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If you want to run a MediaWiki wiki and don't want to maintain your own infrastructure, you might be interested in the wiki farms and hosting services listed below.

  • In addition, most regular web hosting companies allow for installing MediaWiki without too much trouble, although maintaining and upgrading the code would still in most cases be up to you.
  • You can also install a pre-made software bundle or software "appliance" on a virtual private server.

Do not add hosting services to this list without directly linking to a page that explicitly states MediaWiki hosting.

Name Country Wiki farm or host? Specialism Free Option? (yes/no) Type of cost Own domain Command line Support options Notes
20i USA, UK host No paid 24/7 1-click setup
A2 Hosting USA, Europe host No paid 24/7 1-click setup
AblePage hosting USA host No paid Yes, or subdomain Yes 24/7 SSH Access, MediaWiki pre-installed.
Albatross Cloud USA host Medium and Enterprise Clientele. No paid Yes, or subdomain 24/7
Вавилон.wiki Russia host Yes free (with ads), paid Yes, or subdomain Yes for paid option Founder's user talk. Wikis are only created by request to hosting's owner. Based on the encyclopedia Wikiznanie.
caindle.cloud Germany farm services for small and mid size companies No paid (no ads) Yes, or subdomain No Fully managed MediaWiki Service including setup, support, training, video courses, and more than 50 extensions, depending on the chosen license model.
CiviHosting USA, Europe host Boutique-style hosting firm including account sizes for personal, business and enterprise-level wikis, including Extension:Semantic MediaWiki and BlueSpice No paid Yes, or subdomain SSH access 24/7 support with 5 minute response time included with all accounts Shared and VPS hosting available. Services include
  • Free installation and migration
  • Daily backups
  • Semantic MediaWiki hosting
  • BlueSpice hosting
  • Turnkey solution for MediaWiki hosting
Cloudways.com Malta host No paid Yes Yes Quick setup, automatic backup, cloud-based (included in the cost). Support staff also in Dubai, Pakistan and Spain.
Dreamhost.com USA host No paid limited ssh access 24/7 via tickets and email. Also offers free hosting service for non-profits.
EditThis farm Yes free No No
Fandom United States, France, Poland, Indonesia, Australia farm Entertainment, Lifestyle, Video Games and Anime Yes free (with ads) No No Contact and community forums Wikis are not owned by their founders. Fandom may take decisions affecting the community even if there's no consensus at all. They reserve the right to change the wikis URL for SEO purposes. In case the community wants to move to another host, the wiki and its content in most cases can't or won't be deleted from Fandom. There's only one skin available and it's proprietary. All wikis run MediaWiki 1.39.7.
Fastdot Hosting Australia, Asia Pacific, USA, UK host No paid 1-click installer
HostDash USA host No paid Yes 24/7 1-click setup, cPanel.
HostGator USA host No paid Yes
Hostiso USA, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore host No paid Yes, or subdomain 24/7 1-click setup, free backups, support, cPanel, cloud-based.
Name Country Wiki farm or host? Specialism Free Option? (yes/no) Type of cost Own domain Command line Support options Notes
HostKnox USA host No paid Yes Chrooted (jailed) SSH 24/7 via support tickets. 15-minute response time. Free MediaWiki installation, transfer & upgrade. Hard-limited to 20 GB storage.
KnownHost USA, Europe host No paid SSH Access 24/7/365 Email and Ticket Support. Free install support. Shared, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server lines.
MilesWeb.com UK, US, India, Romania host No paid Yes FTP & Jail Shell access 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone 1-click setup
Miraheze US farm Yes free (no ads) Yes, or subdomain No IRC, Email, Issue trackers, Wiki venues, Discord server Community-driven, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, quick wiki creation, HTTPS-only, public and private wikis. Infrastructure 100% open source. Extension install on request, after security review. No hard limits on server resource usage and runs latest MediaWiki version.
MyWikis USA

We speak English / Nosotros hablamos español / On parle français / 我们讲中文 / हमें हिंदी आती है

host Private wikis (public wikis are still available)
Different plans available, tailored for enterprise customers, personal wikis, and anywhere in between.
No paid (no ads) Yes, or subdomain FTP and SSH on request 24/7 Support system, email, phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet
  • Wikis created automatically in under 5 minutes with 40+ extensions preinstalled. Hundreds of extensions available to install.
  • Self Service portal, where you can manage your wiki, add extensions to your wiki, reset passwords, and more.
  • Free migrations for most wikis; extensive experience in migrating from MediaWiki and other platforms.
  • Support response times guaranteed through SLAs.
  • 9 different privacy levels. Anti-spam built into every wiki. Wikis backed up daily.
MyWikis Europe Austria (European Union)

We speak English / Nosotros hablamos español / On parle français / Wir sprechen Deutsch

  • Same features as MyWikis.com
  • GDPR compliant hosting in Vienna, Austria
Neoseeker farm games and entertainment-related wikis Yes free (with ads) No
OpenFox.io Israel Cloud based Organisational Wikis No Monthly and Annual Yes, or subdomain No Wiki set-up, consulting and implementation Managed wiki Service with high security as well as set-up and organisational implementation support
Professional.Wiki Europe dedicated server Professional services for companies of all sizes. Semantic MediaWiki expertise. No paid Yes Yes yes, with real experts Holistic services including setup, management, support, training and custom development. Run by MediaWiki veterans.
ProWiki Germany host SaaS-hosting, Semantic MediaWiki or Wikibase optional No paid (no ads) Yes, or subdomain No SLA depending on plan chosen (email, chat, phone, web meeting)
  • 14-day free trial
  • Wikis created automatically and instantly available.
  • Wikis are fully managed (software updates, security patches, compatibility guard, etc.)
  • Choose themes, activate any of over 60 extensions, manage permissions and more via the ProWiki admin panel
Name Country Wiki farm or host? Specialism Free Option? (yes/no) Type of cost Own domain Command line Support options Notes
RoseHosting USA host No paid Linux VPS hosting.
SaaS Web Internet Solutions Germany host Standard, BlueSpice Free/Pro, Semantic MediaWiki No paid Yes No Phone at business hours, email 24x7 Fully managed MediaWiki on several infrastructures (as needed): Shared Hosting, Dedicated - both either on OpenStack Public Cloud or VMware Private Cloud
ShoutWiki farm Yes free (with ads); paid Yes, or subdomain No Contact and Forum at ShoutWiki Hub From MediaWiki developers and others.
SiteGround USA, Netherlands, Singapore host No paid Yes 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone 1-click setup
Telepedia UK farm Movies/TV and Anime Yes Free (with ads for unregistered users) No Email and Discord Wikis are only created at by requests at at staff approval, they have a wiki partnership programme. HTTPS only. Admins can configure their sites extensions and setup via ManageWiki.
Webarchitects UK farm No paid Yes Optional SSH access IRC, email, phone Multi-stakeholder cooperative with social responsibility focus, green power and green hardware, emphasis on free and open source software (Ansible playbook published under GPLv3).
Webhost UK LTD UK, US host No paid Yes FTP & Jail Shell access 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone 1-click setup
wiki.gg USA farm Video games Yes Free (with ads of video games for unregistered users) No No Email, Discord Private wiki-farm, wikis are only created on request by staff, and they prefer wikis with developer/publisher support to either provide assets or information for the wiki or for the wiki to become Official.
Name Country Wiki farm or host? Specialism Free Option? (yes/no) Type of cost Own domain Command line Support options Notes
Wiki Valley (fr)
Wiki Valley(en)
France farm Private wikis No by user/month and options Yes No mail, chat, phone and wiki Création à la demande (fr)

Creation on demand (en)

Wikibase Solutions The Netherlands host Fully managed Wiki hosting in addition to a core business of developing Semantic MediaWiki solutions No paid Yes at request phone, Skype and email Also provides support for Elasticsearch and other requested services.
WikiHoster.net Germany farm Semantic MediaWiki, updates and upgrades included in plans (serviced) No paid Yes, or subdomain serviced (see specialism) Phone and email at business hours German site. Available for customers in the SEPA-area.
WikiForge USA farm, host, dedicated server option No paid Yes, or subdomain No Discord, Email, IRC, issue tracker
  • Self-service on-wiki intuitive interface allowing for easy wiki configuration including settings, permissions, and namespaces.
  • Over 300 extensions and skins available for choosing.
  • Latest MediaWiki version always supported, or LTS if desired.
WikiTeq USA host Professionally managed hosting on a private VPS No paid Yes Yes On-call support team ready 24/7 Enterprised-focused full-service MediaWiki development company providing fully supported and maintained wikis.