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Last update on: 2012-04-17


Priyanka Dhanda prepared a project plan and did the initial preparatory work. A prototype will soon be set up.



In Progress:

  • Document all the manual changes that were needed in a README

Next steps:

  • Instead of duplicate host2db() code set and env variable MW_DBNAME and use it in CommonSettings.php
  • Use MW_DBNAME in maintenance/Maintenance.php in loadWikimediaSettings()
  • Test maintenance scripts
  • Figure out how to make $wgExtensionAssetsPath and $wgStyleSheetPath work with correct versions on bits.wikimedia.org



  • Tim has been reviewing code and giving feedback
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Checked in scripts to generate wikiversions.db which is a cdb for keeping track of versions
  • README updated.

In Progress:

  • More code cleanup
  • Changes required for maintenance scripts

Next steps:

  • TBD


Priyanka Dhanda and Tim Starling added features and improved the code, which is now in SVN. Priyanka used it to deploy different versions of MediaWiki on a prototype. Tim and Priyanka are now discussing edge cases and remaining tasks.


Aaron Schulz picked up work on this project, and completed most of it. Testing is scheduled to happen by early August.


Aaron Schulz completed most of the features, and Tim Starling reviewed Aaron's code. Only a few minor fixes were required; the system should be deployed in early September, so it can be used for the deployment of MediaWiki 1.18 to Wikimedia sites.


This feature is now deployed on Wikimedia's sites, and we use it to do staged rollouts of new versions of MediaWiki to our wikis.