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I am unable to get an Interwiki page Transcluded.

Sarcophosaur (talkcontribs)

I have two Mediawiki 1.32 installations running on Ubuntu 16.04, using Apache2, and MySQL. They are both SSL access only with http->https redirect configured in the apache config.

I've set up interwiki links successfully, with the hope of utilizing the Interwiki Transclusion described on this page and others.

A:B Example:

A is source wiki for transcluded content, B is destination.

Wiki A interwiki prefix is "isw", Wiki B is "psw". Interwiki links such as [[isw:Example]] and [[psw:Example2]] work just fine, as expected.

I do have the "Transclude" checkbox set to Yes on Special:Interwiki configuration for BOTH of these Wikis.

Transclusion does work as expected for pages within each wiki. I.E., {{:WikiAPage}} transcludes properly on Wiki A, and {{:WikiBPage}} transcludes properly on Wiki B.

Page "Example" on Wiki A includes an <includeonly> section that I wish to send over to Wiki B using {{isw:Example}} syntax written into Wiki B.

When saving the page on Wiki B with only {{isw:Example}} in the page, I get the following rendered on the page itself, not in an error log or elsewhere.

[Template fetch failed for HTTP 0]

Another interesting detail to include is that when I manually copy and follow that link above, I do get a nice render. "" shows a rendered page as I'd expect, in my browser, but NOT included in Wiki B's frame.

What might I be missing here? Thanks for reading!

RobinHood70 (talkcontribs)

I can't help much, but that HTTP 0 status code is very unusual. That suggests to me that the attempted transclusion on Wiki B is failing before it even tries to contact Wiki A. I'm thinking maybe a firewall, Apache misconfiguration, or something else along those lines that's preventing the request altogether.

Sarcophosaur (talkcontribs)

Thank you @RobinHood70. I haven't attempted further debugging yet, but I do appreciate your comment. Both wiki's live on the same server, and are served through the same apache web service. It very well may be an Apache misconfiguration. I'll start there. Into the weeds I go...

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