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Should this not be redirected to the more complete version at Manual:Special Pages? --AnonDiss 15:53, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

No. It should be expanded. See Project:PD help. --HappyDog 16:10, 26 November 2007 (UTC)
Ahh, sorry, missed the tag. AnonDiss 13:56, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

Work in the Manual: ns[edit]

I made the following pages, which should be ported here I guess...

In general, what goes under Manual vs. the Help ns?

Cheers, --Dmb 17:01, 28 September 2011 (UTC)

Manual namespace is the MediaWiki manual, for system administrators and developers. Help namespace is for users of wikis, and is intended to be imported into wikis. To make reuse easier, all content in the Help namespace is released into the public domain by its authors. See Project:PD Help. We should probably warn people about that before they move pages into that namespace to avoid copyright problems. Undeleting is already covered in the Help namespace, in Help:Sysop deleting and undeleting. Your addition then seems redundant, and discussion of the rights involved is not really useful for a wiki's end users. Reach Out to the Truth 16:31, 7 October 2011 (UTC)

a-z list. I started an a-z lists. What other columns should I add?[edit]

The links will have to be verified...


Page Group
Abuse filter configuration Data and tools
Abuse log Recent changes and logs
Active users list Users and rights
All pages Lists of pages
All pages with prefix Lists of pages
API sandbox Data and tools
Block User Users and rights
Blocked users Users and rights
Book sources Data and tools
Bot passwords Users and rights
Broken redirects Maintenance reports
Categories Lists of pages
Category tree Lists of pages
Change content model of a page Page tools
Change credentials Users and rights
Change or remove email address Users and rights
Cite This Page Page tools
Compare pages Page tools
Create account Login / create account
Create mass message delivery list Other special pages
Dead-end pages Maintenance reports
Deleted user contributions Users and rights
Disambiguation pages Lists of pages
Double redirects Maintenance reports
Expand templates Data and tools
Export pages Page tools
External links search Redirecting special pages
File list Media reports and uploads
Gadget usage statistics Data and tools
Gadgets Data and tools
Gallery of new files Recent changes and logs
Global account manager Users and rights
Global accounts list Users and rights
Global group management Users and rights
Global rename progress Other special pages
Grants Users and rights
Import pages Page tools
List OAuth applications Users and rights
List of files with duplicates Media reports and uploads
List of globally blocked IP addresses Users and rights
List of Miraheze wikis Data and tools
List of redirects Lists of pages
Local status of global blocks Users and rights
Log in Login / create account
Login unification status Login / create account
Logs Recent changes and logs
Long pages Maintenance reports
Manage connected applications Users and rights
Mass delete Page tools
Math status Other special pages
Media statistics Media reports and uploads
Merge page histories Page tools
MIME search Media reports and uploads
Most linked-to categories High use pages
Most linked-to files High use pages
Most linked-to pages High use pages
Most transcluded pages High use pages
New pages Recent changes and logs
Normal special pages.
Notifications Users and rights
Oldest pages Maintenance reports
Orphaned pages Maintenance reports
Pages linking to disambiguation pages Lists of pages
Pages with a page property Lists of pages
Pages with the fewest revisions Maintenance reports
Pages with the most categories High use pages
Pages with the most interwikis High use pages
Pages with the most revisions High use pages
Pages without language links Maintenance reports
Preferences Users and rights
Protected pages Maintenance reports
Protected titles Maintenance reports
Random page Redirecting special pages
Random page in category Redirecting special pages
Random redirect Redirecting special pages
Random root page Redirecting special pages
Recent changes Recent changes and logs
Redirect by file, user, page, revision, or log ID Redirecting special pages
Related changes Recent changes and logs
Remove credentials Users and rights
Reset password Users and rights
Reset tokens Users and rights
Restricted special pages.
Search Lists of pages
Search for duplicate files Media reports and uploads
Send mass message Other special pages
Short pages Maintenance reports
Statistics Data and tools
System messages Data and tools
Tracking categories Lists of pages
Unblock user Users and rights
Uncategorized categories Maintenance reports
Uncategorized files Maintenance reports
Uncategorized pages Maintenance reports
Uncategorized templates Maintenance reports
Unused categories Maintenance reports
Unused files Maintenance reports
Unused templates Maintenance reports
Unwatched pages Maintenance reports
Upload file Media reports and uploads
URL Shortener Page tools
User contributions Users and rights
User group rights Users and rights
User list Users and rights
User rights management Users and rights
Users who will be renamed Other special pages
Valid change tags Recent changes and logs
Version Data and tools
View deleted pages Page tools
View interwiki data Data and tools
Wanted categories Maintenance reports
Wanted files Maintenance reports
Wanted pages Maintenance reports
Wanted templates Maintenance reports
Watchlist Recent changes and logs
What links here Page tools
Wiki sets Data and tools


===Data and tools===
===High use pages===
===Lists of pages===
===Login / create account===
===Maintenance reports===
===Media reports and uploads===
===Other special pages===
===Page tools===
===Recent changes and logs===
===Redirecting special pages===
===Users and rights===

Rsterbal (talk) 11:12, 16 September 2016 (UTC)