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Coord and friends[edit]

Is it appropriate to use these for coord and similar text/hypertext information? --Nemo 21:10, 30 December 2014 (UTC)

How to add a help indicator[edit]

addHelpLink() adds a (?)_link_ to the indicators, see e.g. Special:WhatLinksHere. I want to simulate this from wikitext.

<indicator name="mw-helplink">[[mw:API:Data and developer hub|what is this?]]</indicator>

only shows the help icon if I load the 'mediawiki.helplink' module, e.g. by entering mw.loader.load('mediawiki.helplink') in the browser console. Instead of using name="mw-helplink", I could manually insert the icon, or I could load the module in common.js, or I could try and use the OOUI version of the help icon. See my experiment at Special:Redirect/revision/1687517

@SPage (WMF): I think the latest version of the code is the best, namely something like:
<indicator name="not-mw-helplink-use-something-else">[[File:VisualEditor_-_Icon_-_Help.svg|24px|]] [[mw:API:Data and developer hub|Help]]</indicator>
Using the 'mw-helplink' indicator name for custom stuff is not supported right now. Matma Rex (talk) 12:47, 25 June 2015 (UTC)