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No results for "woman"?

1 (talkcontribs)

No matter what I type in for Wikimedia Commons, I get no results. Not even for a generic term like "woman". What's up?

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[BUG?] No results when searching for Yuri Beletsky

RZuo (talkcontribs)

try searching this name. MediaSearch finds 0 results, but classic search is working.

RZuo (talkcontribs)

Alejandro Mos Riera, another example.

Elominius (talkcontribs)

I tested it and it found nothing. Strangely, if I put it into quotation marks, MediaSearch does find results as expected.

As a side note, I have made the title more descriptive.

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so this is the feedback page for Media Search?

Herzi Pinki (talkcontribs)

If not, please indicate a feedback page on the other side.

Herzi Pinki (talkcontribs)
CBogen (WMF) (talkcontribs)

In the future, please leave MediaSearch feedback at at the talk page on Commons.

I've noted this on the other side as well. Thanks!

RTG (talkcontribs)

Hello CBogen, the note on the MediaSearch page is not visible enough to stop me coming here to look for feedback. You could enlarge it and put it on a hatnote, but better again would be to prevent people being redirected here... On the new search near the upper left we have options:

Switch to Special:Search | Help

Add to that..." | Feedback"


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Creating red categories

Sdkb (talkcontribs)

Another piece of feedback: When searching for a category that does not exist, the new search does not seem to offer any link to create it.

CBogen (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into this and you can track it in T285168.

In the future, please leave MediaSearch feedback at at the talk page on Commons.

Sdkb (talkcontribs)

@CBogen (WMF), thanks! I'm glad these both have a phab task and that the feedback link is now added to the help page here.

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Community assessments

Sdkb (talkcontribs)

It's disappointing to see that no one ever replied to the thread below asking for an appropriate place to provide feedback—for a feature like this, working with the community is essential—but I'm going to go ahead and leave a piece of feedback here anyways, and courtesy ping @Keegan/@Keegan (WMF).

When I'm looking for a high-quality image for a given search, I don't really care if it's a Quality Image or a Featured Picture or a Valued Image; I just want something that's any of those. It would be very helpful to have an option under the community assessments menu for any elevated assessment, rather than having to search three times.

CBogen (WMF) (talkcontribs)
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MediaSearch does not respect file name / description changes

Herzi Pinki (talkcontribs)

see the file File:Aus der Hörnlihütte.jpg is the result of a rename, as the name and the description have been wrong. But it is still found by MediaSearch, although as far as I can see, only the redirect could be the reason for that.

Sometimes a file is renamed, because the name indicates the wrong thing. After such a rename, MediaSearch should not find the file by the old term. I would skip the evaluation of redirects / renames from MediaSearch, as there always should be a reason to rename, renaming normally is a refinement, and SDC are not touched automatically by a file rename.

GerardM (talkcontribs)

I find that the tool does not work well for languages other than English. I blogged about it and would REALLY like a way that is optimised for global use. Thanks, GerardM (talk) 13:14, 27 April 2021 (UTC)

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organizational non-content categories; wikidata

Herzi Pinki (talkcontribs)
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