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Why can I not use my original log-in name and password even tho' I've not edited in a while?

2601:152:200:FD2F:F0BA:2E58:E4E6:97A (talkcontribs)

I'm trying to log in but am told my user name is already chosen.  This is MY account and MY user name.  I enter my password to show that I am me but I still cannot log in.

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I know my username, but had not logged in for a long time. I discovered that the password was not what I remembered, so I asked to set a new one. A temporary password has been sent to the associated email account - but that email account has been dormant so long it seems I no longer have access to that either. Is there any other path I could take to regain access to my wikipedia account?

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Ossomali Anana (talkcontribs)

I don't know how to change user name and password. It requires create account by another user name. So, we can not change user name?

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"Wiki uses cookies to log in users. You have cookies disabled. Please enable them and try again."

I do not have cookies disabled. I have tried multiple browsers and can't get in.

What do I do? (talkcontribs)

i can't log in.

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2601:582:C504:7C06:88E6:C4B5:CCE6:ADAD (talkcontribs)

since i might have gotten hacked, i need a new account.

Ragityman (talkcontribs)

Go to your userpage. You should still be able to edit it, even if you can't log in. Type out a description of your problem, and then append {help me}. This should attract attention from an administrator who can help.

The problem with leaving a message here is that it might be awhile before anyone sees it. I only saw it by chance, and I am not an admin. Sorry. Good luck. ~~~~

Ragityman (talkcontribs)

I told you wrong. Only slightly wrong, but it wouldn't work. Type "helpme" as one word, no quotation marks, and enclose in '''double''' braces, {{ }}. You need to do this on YOUR userpage. Also, I would have left this message on your userpage, but you didn't sign your message. I don't know who you are. If you have an account, always sign your posts, and people can more easily help you. I won't leave messages on an IP userpage: they are less than useless, a waste of time. No one except me ever sees them.

Superiorboy123 (talkcontribs)

Well I got a big hacker online at the moment solo that means u need a new device and a new account

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Zybfam (talkcontribs)

How do I remove LDS info from all individuals? I don't use LDS.

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2605:E000:3018:4700:8DBE:6B0E:5AC4:85C9 (talkcontribs)

PWwill not work

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Ragityman (talkcontribs)

I don't know if this is appropriate to add to this page, but I thought that it might help someone.

Like many users, I'm sure, I have an email just for my wiki username. User:Ragityman. Simple enough, right? So, I'm trying out a new browser, and I can't log in. I begin to get frustrated, I'm typing my password very carefully, double checking each character as I type. Won't work. Go to settings. Start changing things. Javascript. Cookies. Anything that's caused trouble in the past. Norhing helps. "Incorrect password, please try again." But it wasn't my password.

On some websites my "username" is my email address. NOT on Wikipedia. I had habitually typed w/username in the "USER" field, and that won't work.

Now some of you are young and bright and will never make that error. At least not for a few more decades. But we have an aging population, and I'll bet I'm not the only one to make this mistake. Just sayin' ... ~~~~


Superiorboy123 (talkcontribs)

Well getting hacked is not a bigdeal if it is then u gotta get a new account!!

Andrey Vinajera Zamora (talkcontribs)

How I can get the position of a highlighted text to clic it later.

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The help talks about being able to request a temporary password for an account. However there's no link (obvious or otherwise that I can see) on the login page to request this. Surely the help is wrong? (talkcontribs)

I have forgotten user name and pass word, please help me to reactivate them

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