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Thy Rosa1983 (talkcontribs)

I need to download Khmer keyboard

Amire80 (talkcontribs)

(This talk page is not correct, but I'll reply anyway.)

Which operating are you using?

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Logicwiki (talkcontribs)
-- Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Ubuntu 11.10 Fedora 15 Mac OS X
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Google Chrome <version>
Firefox 3.x
Firefox 4.x
Firefox 9
Opera 11.x
Safari 5.x

-- This needs to be updated and go into help page. Would also be nice to add mobile support details. Logicwiki 16:07, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

Siddhartha Ghai (talkcontribs)

Works fine for me with Windows 7 and google chrome, and windows 7 and opera.

Siebrand (talkcontribs)

This is a pretty cool table, Shrikanth. Thank you for that! I'll look into using the (un)supported flags without text, so that the table is easier to localise, and will integrate it into the documentation in the coming week.

Logicwiki (talkcontribs)
) Just an addition, for Windows XP, add a small yellowish icon to say unhinted fonts might not be best / something like a star near the tick to say WebFonts might be not best in Windows XP for some languages/fonts.
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Kwamikagami (talkcontribs)

Could we add a section on IPA? We already have Charis SIL. Can we add other SIL fonts covered by the same license (Gentium Plus, sans-serif Andika), or do the need to be encoded somewhere? Kwamikagami (talk) 01:30, 9 February 2014 (UTC)

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SPhotographer (talkcontribs)

for right to left languages. please add

to translation part to set it to left also possibility to changing it's name for translation image in locale language

Siebrand (talkcontribs)

Fonts don't have localised names.

SPhotographer (talkcontribs)

I know Font's name don't need localization but word like select font-login/Create account are need to be localize also in Rtl wikis menu direction is RtL and the image direction in help page should be left.please take a look here image'd place is not correct.

SPhotographer (talkcontribs)
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Bennylin (talkcontribs)

Javanese script: Supported languages: Javanese: Jawa (jv), Banyumasan (map-bms), Suriname-Javanese (jv). Please add at help

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Jayantanth (talkcontribs)

Bengali script : Supported languages: Bengali is Bengali(bn), Assamess (As) and Bishnupriya Manipuri (bpy) so please add at Help

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Jayantanth (talkcontribs)

silly question! How to add other language?

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