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Dieses Beispiel ergibt keinen Sinn:
123 → 123 (sollte eigentlich 123 ergeben)
Arno Matthias (talk) 15:55, 22 July 2012 (UTC)

Conditional categories[edit]

I'm using a template {{MyTemplate|foo}} which consists of the following code:

{{#switch: {{{1}}}
 | foo = [[Category:Foo]]
 | bar = [[Category:Bar]]
 | [[Category:Unknown]]

When I'm using it on a page, the categories show up nicely as wished at the bottom of that page. But unfortunately inside of that category-page (Category:Foo for example) the page doesn't show up.

If I add [[Category:Foo]] manually to that page, the page shows up in the Foo-category-page.

Any suggestions why this doesn't work via the template?