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Help:Seguiment de pàgines

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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Watching pages and the translation is 22% complete.
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La funció de seguiment de pàgines permet a qualsevol usuari que s'hagi identificat mantenir una llista pàgines controlades i rebre notificacions dels canvis recents en aquestes pàgines

MediaWiki no permet que els usuaris siguin "propietaris" de les pàgines, tot i així, la funcionalitat de "seguiment de pàgines" juntament amb l'habilitat de desfer qualsevol canvi permet mantenir involucrats als usuaris interessats en cada pàgina sense els desavantatges de donar a una persona el control total sobre una pàgina.

Controlar quines pàgines segueixo

Només es poden seguir les pàgines que no es generen dinàmicament

La pàgina es segueix juntament amb la seva pàgina de discussió corresponent Totes les modificacions de la llista de seguiment afecten a la pàgina principal i la seva discussió corresponent: no es pot seguir una de les dues sense seguir l'altra

Mentre es visualitza la pàgina
L'estrella blanca (o l'enllaç «Vigila» a la pell del monollibre), situada al marge de cada pàgina, afegeix la pàgina actual a la vostra llista de seguiment i converteix l'estrella en blau (o a la pell del monollibre un «Desatén»).
El message with id 'addedwatchtext' (discussió) S'ha afegit «$1» i la seva pàgina de discussió a la vostra llista de seguiment. o message with id 'removedwatchtext' (discussió) S'ha tret «$1» i la seva pàgina de discussió de la vostra llista de seguiment., respectivament, es mostren a dalt de la pàgina i es canvia Vigila per Desatén. Depenent del navegador, això es duu a terme sense refrescar tota la pàgina, usant amb ajaxwatch.js
Mentre es desa la pàgina
Quan es desa una pàgina es pot vigilar la pàgina activant la casella Vigila aquesta pàgina.
Si s'activa la opció "Afegeix les pàgines que vagi editant a la llista de seguiment" a les preferències d'usuari, la casella estarà seleccionada per defecte, per tant si no es desmarca abans de desat, la pàgina s'afegirà a la llista de seguiment. Hi ha altres opcions:
  • Afegeix les pàgines que vagi creant i fitxers que carregui a la llista de seguiment - (si l'anterior s'ha seleccionat no cal marcar-la ja que la creació de pàgines conta com una edició)
  • Afegeix les pàgines que reanomeni a la llista de seguiment
  • Afegeix les pàgines que elimino a la llista de seguiment
Editant la llista sencera
A specific link to 'Edit your list of watched pages' is provided on top of page Special:Watchlist
A continuació, hi ha diversos enllaços addicionals disponibles a la part superior de la pàgina de Special:EditWatchlist:
  • Visualitza i edita la llista de seguiment produces a full list of linked watched pages (including the talk pages). Selecting one or several checkboxes and then clicking "Elimina entrades" button will remove selected pages from the list.
  • Edita la llista de seguiment sense format provides a textarea with a list of watched pages (without listing the talk pages), with one title on every line, sorted by namespace number and then in alphabetic order. This allows editing the list directly, copying it to an external editor, or replacing it with one created elsewhere. Duplicates are automatically removed on saving.

Watchlist Expiry

A new watchlist feature is included in MediaWiki 1.35 : Watchlist Expiry. With this feature, you can optionally select to watch a page for a temporary period of time. Once the watch period has expired, the page will be automatically removed from your watchlist. You can update the watch period at any time, including switching from temporary to permanent status. Temporarily watched pages are usually represented by a half star (as opposed to a full star, which represents permanently watched pages). To find out when Watchlist Expiry will be enabled on your wiki, you can check out the release schedule on Meta-wiki. For documentation on how to use the feature, please visit Help:Watchlist expiry .

Llista de seguiment

When the user is logged in, every page has a link to the user's watchlist, also accessible by the link Special:Watchlist. This page shows a list of all recently changed watched pages, separated by days, ordered backward according to the time of the edit.

Each line shows details of each edit: whether minor (m) or major, whether made by a bot (b), the time, a link to the page, the difference between the current version and the last one, the history, the increase or decrease of the number of bytes, the user name, the user's talk page, the user's contributions and the edit summary. Depending on site configuration, the page name is bolded if the page has changed after the last time the user viewed the page (while logged in).

Technically, the watchlist is just another way to filter recent changes. The entries come from the recentchanges table and are therefore restricted to edits not older than $wgRCMaxAge (30 days in most WMF projects).


One can hide or show the following types of edits, using the corresponding links: minor edits, bot edits, one's own edits. These can also be set in preferences as initial options when the user comes to Special:Watchlist page.

Another preference option, although named "Maximum number of days to show in watchlist", also sets only the initial value for a period of time for which changes are shown. This period can be easily changed with corresponding links.

There is also a drop-down box that allows to see the changes only in one specific namespace.

Unlike recent changes, watchlist cannot hide edits by logged in/logged out users, there are no links to show only specific number of edits, and there is no way to show all namespaces except one.

Llista de seguiment simple

By default watchlist only shows the last edit to each watched page.

There are two possible problems if a page had a non-minor recent edit, but the last edit was marked as minor:

  • non-minor edits will not be shown.

Since one is typically interested in all changes since one last checked, in this case the history of the page needs to be checked.

  • if watchlist is set not to show minor changes, then the page will not appear in the watchlist at all.

Many experienced users prefer to use Expanded Watchlist.

Llista de seguiment estesa

With the preference "Desplega la llista de seguiment per a mostrar tots els canvis afectats, no només els més recents" the watchlist will show all recent edits, listed in chronological order.

In this case the preference "Agrupa els canvis per pàgina en canvis recents i llista de seguiment", which toggles enhanced recent changes, also affects the watchlist the same way: recent changes of watched pages are grouped by day, and within a day by page.

Another preference option is "Nombre màxim de modificacions a mostrar en la llista de seguiment:". A site can limit the maximum value for this option, for example the maximum seems to be 1000 on WMF projects.

To show pages with older edits, view the changes by namespaces or use the non-enhanced watchlist, and/or reduce the number of watched pages.

Altres efectes del seguiment d'una pàgina

The watchlist is only one of the features with regard to watching pages; even without ever using it, specifying pages to watch is useful.

Canvis recents, canvis relacionats i pàgina d'historial

In Recent Changes, Enhanced Recent Changes, and Related Changes, watched pages are bolded.

If one views the history of a watched page directly, without first viewing the page, the edit at the top (the most recent one) may be marked using update marker message with id 'updatedmarker' (discussió) actualitzat des de la vostra darrera visita; this applies if the edit was made by someone else and you have not viewed the page (while logged in) since it was made. This is actually enabled together with email notification.

Notificacions per correu electrònic

See also Notifications for the 2013 extension.

From MediaWiki 1.5, you can get an email after a watched page has been edited by somebody else. This will not be repeated until you view the page. Viewing a diff or the page history is not enough. Note that you have to be logged in when viewing the page, otherwise you will not be notified of further changes. Optionally this notification system can ignore minor changes (this is the default).

Whether the feature is enabled on a wiki can be seen in the preferences: if it is, the message with id 'tog-enotifwatchlistpages' (discussió) Envia'm un correu electrònic quan es modifiqui una pàgina de la meva llista de seguiment will be one of the options of the main section. The notifications for user talk edits are enabled by another preference option.

Having a separate email for every edited page that one likes to watch in the sense of the other watch features, may be too much. New features are being proposed and developed to deal with this: the option to have emails sent, after a delay, with a list of edited pages, and/or the possibility to specify a subset of watched pages for email notification. See also Echo (Notifications) .

For the latter, as a workaround, one may be tempted to log in under a different username just to specify a different (typically smaller) watchlist for email notification. However, after viewing a page under one username, one would have to clear the notification flag for that page for the other username too.

Technical details

To enable it on a wiki, $wgEnotifWatchlist is set to true, and it still depends on preference settings. The email-message below is: message with id 'enotif body' (discussió) Benvolgut/uda $WATCHINGUSERNAME,



Contacteu amb l'editor: correu: $PAGEEDITOR_EMAIL wiki: $PAGEEDITOR_WIKI

No rebreu més notificacions en cas de més activitat a menys que visiteu aquesta pàgina havent iniciat sessió. També podeu canviar el mode de notificació de les pàgines que vigileu en la vostra llista de seguiment.

El servei de notificacions del projecte MediaWiki

-- Per a canviar les opcions de notificació per correu electrònic aneu a https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Preferences

Per a canviar les opcions de la vostra llista de seguiment aneu a https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:EditWatchlist

Per eliminar la pàgina de la vostra llista de seguiment aneu a $UNWATCHURL

Suggeriments i ajuda: $HELPPAGE See Email notification. Since May 2011 the feature is enabled on all Wikimedia projects for the user talk notifications, and since April 2012 for watchlist edits too. From early May 2012, the preference for edited pages to be added to watchlist is the default.

Preferències d'usuari

The following options are (or can be) available in Preferences >> User Profile tab

  • Permet que altres usuaris m'enviïn missatges per correu electrònic
  • Envia’m còpies dels missatges que enviï als altres usuaris
  • Envia'm un correu electrònic quan es modifiqui una pàgina de la meva llista de seguiment
  • Envia'm un correu electrònic quan es modifiqui la meva pàgina de discussió
  • Notifica'm per correu també en casos d'edicions menors
  • Envia'm un missatge de correu electrònic per les respostes dels temes que vigilo

Errors habituals

Email notification has many settings, so if you think you've missed something check them carefully.

  • The notifications about a page that "has been created" may be about any log action (such as protection) on the page, see task T16901 and sons.
  • If you don't click the link in the notification, you won't receive it next time.

Look for bolded items in your Special:Watchlist: they're pages you've not yet seen after recent changes and you won't be notified about them (note: your wiki may have hidden this essential highlighting feature).

  • Edits by authorised bots sometimes don't cause an email notification even if you've configured your preferences to receive one for that kind of action: namely, if they make a minor edit on your talk page and you've set (only?) "Envia'm un correu electrònic quan es modifiqui la meva pàgina de discussió", or if they make a minor edit on any page and you've set "Notifica'm per correu també en casos d'edicions menors".

This behavior is not documented nor configurable and has some bugs; see T40874.

See also the list of known bugs.

Allò que no es pot fer un seguiment

Watchlist only detects actual edits to the wikitext of the page.

Included pages
Changes to transcluded pages can also change the way the watched page is rendered, however these changes do not appear in the watchlist.

For more information see Help:Page history#Linking to a specific version of a page. One may choose to watch all the templates used, and the templates used by these templates, etc.

Actions will not appear in watchlist:
Note that after the move both the old and the new name are watched.
Some projects have special templates (such as {{Sprotected }}) that should be added to protected pages, thus partly solving the problem.
Some projects might have a policy to add a deletion notice to the page first, or even to notify main authors on their talk pages.
One can also periodically check Special:Watchlist/edit page and inspect all broken (red) links.
Images and categories
Watching an image or a category means watching only the editable part.

Watchlist will not show uploads of new versions of images. It is not possible to watch a category in the sense of being notified if pages are added or removed. With "related changes," additions to categories can be detected; for removals, one has to watch all pages in the category.

Seguiment d'una pàgina no existent

One can watch a nonexistent page. This page will appear in the watchlist changes when somebody creates it.

For example, if you watch a page that does not yet have a talk page, you will be notified when someone starts a new discussion on the talk page.

You can watch a page even if neither the content page nor the talk page exists. To do that, go to the page's URL, either by typing the URL directly or following a (broken) link, and then press "Watch" (depending on the skin you may have to press Cancel before getting the link Watch).

Pàgines reanomenades i la llista de seguiment

If a page you have watched is moved to a new title, the new title will be automatically added to your watchlist. Even if the page is later moved back, the new title will remain in your watchlist along with the old one.

Even if the new title is deleted after the page has been moved back, a note about the deletion will appear on your watchlist and the title will remain in your list of watched pages. If you notice mysterious nonexistent pages appearing on your watchlist, this is the most likely explanation.

Funció de canvis relacionats

Main article: w:Help:Public watchlist

The "Related changes" can be used to set up watchlist-like functionality, as explained below.

Pages with links (possibly specially created for this purpose, e.g. as subpages of one's user page) can be used with Related Changes as a collection of separate "watchlists". Note however that unlike My Watchlist, Related Changes does not automatically include talk pages; to watch also the corresponding talk pages, links to them also have to be in the page on which Related Changes is applied. If the links to the talk pages are put just for this purpose, a blank space as link label can be used, which makes the link invisible and ineffective, except for Related Changes. Also, using Related Changes there is not the convenience of pressing a "watch" link to add the current page to the list of "watched pages".

Note that Related Changes does not detect an edit in the page itself and its talk page. Either include a self-link and a link to the talk page in the page, or put the page in another "special watchlist", or in one's standard watchlist.

Such pages can use the template mechanism to include other pages. However, see Pollution of categories.

Watching pages in a category by applying Related Changes to the category has a major drawback: removal of a page from the category is not detected.

An advantage of using Related Changes as alternative for the list of watched pages is that a revision history of the page(s) with links is available, while the system does not keep a record of pages that one has watched. However, Special:Watchlist/raw allows storage of the list: locally, or in a user subpage on the wiki.

If privacy is a concern, an advantage of the watchlist feature (if the list is not stored in a page on the wiki) is that it does not publicly reveal one's interest in a page (if one does not edit it). See also below.


As an alternative or in addition to using the watchlist feature, one can also define a user style for links to selected pages, putting in one's CSS a list of lines like:

a[title ="pagename"] {color:  white; background: red; font-size: 150% } 

This works in Opera, but not in Internet Explorer.

On the (Enhanced) Recent Changes page it works like the bolding feature mentioned above, but it is more versatile, e.g. allowing extra emphasis on pages one is very interested in, or different styles for different categories of interesting pages. Furthermore, it also works on user contributions pages, and on regular pages (also for piped links, but not for indirect links through a redirect). It also applies, less usefully, for the section editing links in the page itself.

To highlight links to the given page also from other websites, including interlanguage links, use instead of the above:

a[href ="full URL "] { .. }

Note that the full URL is needed, even to highlight links from the same project, even though the HTML code uses the relative URL /wiki/pagename.

Privadesa de les llistes de seguiment

Ordinary users or administrators cannot tell what is in your watchlist, or who is watching any particular page. Developers who have access to the servers that hold the Wikipedia database can figure out this kind of information. Publicly available database dumps do not include this kind of information.

Vegeu també