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Help:Keepin track o chynges

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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Tracking changes and the translation is 85% complete.
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Recent chynges shaws the latest chynges til pages, file uplaids, delytions n page muivs

MediaWiki affers ae collection o byordiair pages n tuils tae keep track o whit's gaun oan in the wiki. Sae ye can watch fer example:

  • recynt chynges til aw pages
  • the luikower histerie: aw chynges dun til the ae page
  • the contreebutions o yin speceefeec uiser
  • newlie cræftit pages

The maist interestin byordinair page is Special:RecentChanges. This page displeys aw eedits, file uplaids, page muivs, delytions n ither actions dun in the wiki. The menu at the tap affers ae collection o links tae customise yer displey: leemit the nummer o chynges or the nummer o days shawn or restreect the displey tae shaw eedits til ae certain namespace yinlie. Ye can skauk eedits maurkt aes wee ava (bit mynd that ae chynge can be muckle even thooch the uiser flagged it aes wee).

Yin line in the Recynt Chynges page conseests o several links:

  • “diff” displeys the differance fae the afore-gaun luikower o the page
  • “hist” links til the luikower histerie o the page
  • the ful title o the page links til the nou version. Gif the page is oan yer watchleet, the title kiths in baud.

Nex is ae flag descreebin the page modeefeecation type:

  • N — This edit made ae new page
  • s — This is ae smaa eedit
  • b — This eedit wis performed bi ae bot

Follaein the timestamp, the page size differance fae the afore-gaun luikower kiths. Than the uiser is mentioned, wi ae link til eether thair uiser page n thair tauk page n contreebutions or (in the case o anonimis uisers) til thair tauk page yinlie.

Gif the uiser haunit aen ootline in whan thay did the eedit, the ootline kiths in italeecs aes the laist link in the line.

Enhancit luik

Gif ye'r loggit in n hae JavaScript enabled, ye can gie the "enhanced" luik ae gae ava. Tae enable the enhanced luik, gang til yer Preferances, than clap the Recynt Chynges tab n select "Groop chynges bi page in recent chynges n watchleet". Selectin this optie will cause the Recynt Chynges page tae displey eedits groopt bi page rather than bein leetit indiveeduallie. Ye'll nou see entries like the follaein:

15:17 Main Page (4 chynges | hist) .. (+236) .. [Some User‎ (2×); Some Other User (2×)]

Tae mak the record o that page's recynt eedits muckler, clap the blue triangle til the cair o the timestamp n page name. The record o eedits will be displeyed aes it kiths in the normal luik. Ye can turn this enhancemant oan n aff at will, sae feel free tae gie baith ae shot tae see whit yin ye prefer. Note that enabling Enhanced view will remove the leading links for diff and hist, making patrolling more difficult.

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