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This page should summarize the procedures of substitution for advanced editors who keep forgetting which syntax does what:

I want to...[edit]

...insert template's inside
Use {{subst:t|..}}
...insert templates's inside and subtemplates' insides too
Use {{{{{|subst:}}}subt|..}} or {{{{{|safesubst:}}}subt|..}} in the template
subst: will show up on the template page, whereas safesubst: not
...delay a substitution one edit later
Use {{subst:subst}}t|...}}
...have a control over a substitution of subtemplates
Use {{{{{subst|}}}subt|..}}, deeper substitutions like: {{{{{subst|}}}subt|..|subst={{{subst2|}}}}}
{{t|..}} (no substitution)
{{subst:t|..}} (one-level substitution)
{{subst:t|subst=subst:|..}} or {{subst:t|subst=safesubst:|..}} (two-level substitution)
{{subst:t|subst=subst:|subst2=subst:|..}} or {{subst:t|subst=safesubst:|subst2=safesubst:|..}} (three-level substitution)
...make a preload page with includeonly/noinclude tags
Use <include<includeonly />only> or <no<includeonly />include> template code instead of the template
Use {{msgnw:t}}