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Le Discussioni Strutturate sono un progetto del Collaboration team della Wikimedia Foundation atto a costruire un moderno e collaborativo sistema di discussione per i progetti Wikimedia.

Introduzione rapida

Quale aspetto hanno le Discussioni Strutturate - Provale!

There is some specific terms concerning Structured Discussions. They have been defined in the Glossary.

Structured Discussions are not working for you? Please check if you can solve that problem.

Advanced tools

Some advanced tools are available, for specific purposes. They have been regrouped on these subjects:

What happens when Structured Discussions are enabled on a page?
Filter topics, Edit a topic/message, Summarize a topic, Resolve a topic
How to create links to subjects
Notifications and watchlist
The notifications you receive and the different inputs in watchlists
How the history system works
Hide, Delete, Suppress topics
Preloading contents on a new Structured Discussions conversation
Keyboard shortcuts to use on visual editing mode.

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