Help:Self link

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A self link is a wikilink which targets the page where it is placed. To avoid any confusion, a self-link is not clickable: the text is only bolded (but still represented as a ‎<a>...‎</a> tag[1]).



In templates transcluded on several pages (typically navigational templates), a link can usefully become a self link when the template is transcluded on the link target page. This avoids the reader believing they will see another page when clicking on it.

Clickable self links[edit]

Some kinds of self links are clickable, because they are not a simple internal link with direct target.

Full URL[edit]

If you use external link syntax, providing the full URL of the page, the link is always clickable.

E.g. [// abc] gives abc

Link to self redirection[edit]

If you link to a page which redirects to the current page, the link remains clickable and not bolded.

With interwiki project prefix[edit]

If you prefix the target page name with local interwiki prefix (i.e. mw: for, the link remains clickable and not bolded.

E.g. [[mw:Help:Self link|abc]] gives abc

Link to a local section[edit]

If the target contains a fragment, even if the link targets the current section, it remains clickable and not bolded.

E.g. [[Help:Self link#Link to a local section]] gives Help:Self link#Link to a local section.